Excellent Experience

Kevin has been extremely helpful in resolving my case. He was efficient, thorough, communicative, and well-informed. He was very straight forward and classy in his dealings with both myself and the law profession, I am very fortunate to have had him as my attorney. -Antonio

Outstanding Divorce Lawyer

I cannot recommend Kevin enough. I am extremely happy with his work. My ex-wife hired a very good lawyer and was making my life miserable. Kevin is very professional, thorough, and efficient at keeping the opposing attorney at a distance. Kevin was alittle more expensive then others, but was greatly worth every penny. Don’t go with lower cost attorneys when you consider what you can lose in a divorce battle. He is very attentive to his clients needs and concerns. Every time an issue came up, Kevin was quick to respond and resolve the matter. He is very personable and easy to talk to like an old family friend. Divorce is not an easy thing to go though, having Kevin at your side will make your process alot less stressful. -W.M

A Good, Honest, Straight-Forward Lawyer

I don’t wish to go on and on but suffice it to say that Kevin was very straight forward with me throughout our short relationship. He stayed out of the letter, letter, letter, to the opposing atty routine. The fees for his work were EXACTLY what he stated. The outcomes, where uncertain in advance, were stated to be so. Kevin is someone worth contacting, at minimum, for candid, straightforward, honest answers. -Anonymous

excellent advice regarding my divorce mediation

If you hire Kevin Duffy in regards to marital law, you cannot be in better hands. He is very sharp and thinks fast. I guarantee that he will be a superb advocate for you and effective in helping you get what you want. He gave me excellent advice regarding my divorce mediation. My only regret is that I did not do more of what he suggested. -Jonathan S

listened and helped

Kevin was referred to me by a good friend and he has been an absolute savior during a time of stress and anxiety. He was empathetic, knowledgeable, accessible, and fast. I actually hired him twice and referred him to 2 friends going through a divorce. Both are also very happy. I had a different attorney before and that attorney did nothing but ask questions and charge me for doing nothing. Kevin is not like that. He listened and helped get me to resolution. -Toni E

If I say thank you, it would be too little.

Kevin came to my case when both sides of process were fighting for more then 3 years and I did not see any sign of the end. I tried to find to call all attorneys in SF and Kevin was the only one who push me to be more positive and help me and my ex to come to the solution which allowed us to start new lives without judges and hours preparation for next fight. If I will say thank you, it would be too little. Kevin saved not only my money, but whole family from killing each other. After I recommended Kevin to all my friends with problems and he helped much better because he came to case in the beginning and all my friends and their ex. wives are friends. Kevin is great! -Andy S

insightful, efficient and very much to the point with facts

I was very lucky to be introduced to Kevin Duffy prior to starting my divorce. Kevin was very insightful, efficient and very much to the point with facts, always guiding me with my best interest in mind. Kevin was also very respectful and always had a “best in class” behavior with the opposite party which I truly appreciated…diplomacy usually wins the race! Kevin is a great lawyer and a good person. -Stephanie V

this is a good person

No nonsense, (what you need in a family / divorce situation), to the point with facts and what will ‘probably’ happen, no more expensive that anybody else in this rip off field/necessary evil. The difference with Duffy is that he won’t let you waste your money unlike many others who infer that you’ll do well if…….. and get your hopes up. But first, READ UP on the issues. Generally it’s a ‘what will be will be’ situation. Anyway, this is a good person. -Jeff H

Kevin always recommended and sought compromise and co-parenting first

Kevin Duffy has represented me in a family law dispute. I state that upfront because I’m certain the negative reviews come from people who were opposing parties to a client of Kevin’s (one being my ex). Family law is a difficult and emotional practice. Please, talk about your particular case with a number of attorney’s to chose who would best represent you, and don’t be convinced by negative yelp reviews from opposing clients. My case was particularly challenging – my wife was in Alaska with our son and refused to return, even after numerous court orders. I used Yelp and contacted the highest rated family law attorney who actually told me I was in need of a more experienced lawyer. He directed me to Kevin. As his client, I can attest that Kevin always recommended and sought compromise and co-parenting first and foremost. My ex claims here that Kevin is outrageously expensive, yet she wasn’t his client. She deliberately tried to run up costs and, in response, Kevin has worked with me to keep costs within my budget. Bottom-line – Kevin is an experienced and professional family law attorney. And, personally, I think there is something pretty screwed up and unethical about people writing negative reviews as opposing clients. -Graig C

a lawyer of impeccable integrity, who was good at avoiding unnecessary conflict

My son and I owe Mr. Duffy a lifelong debt of gratitude. When my marriage ended, I knew I was going to need a lawyer who would put the interests of my son first and my own interests a close second. In the beginning, I was afraid that my case would end in a costly trial, so I felt I needed to find a lawyer of impeccable integrity, who was good at avoiding unnecessary conflict, but was also a skilled litigator in the event my fears turned out to be well founded. Mr. Duffy was recommended to me for precisely those qualities, and I’m glad I retained his services. From our very first meeting, I knew I had chosen wisely. He very calmly talked me through the process, kept me well informed throughout, gave me invaluable advice when negotiating a settlement in mediation, helped me hammer out the best possible deal, and generally helped me all along the way to keep from damaging the interests of my family out of ignorance and stupidity. My case didn’t go to trial– just as he had predicted it would not within fifteen minutes of our first meeting– and thanks to his diligence, I was able to achieve a settlement that allowed me to move on with my life with a minimum of long-term uncertainty. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Duffy to anyone needing the services of a skilled family law attorney. He is the best. -James W

most professional and honest of all the attorneys I interviewed

Found Kevin Duffy to be the most professional and honest of all the attorneys I interviewed. He stuck with me during a very long and stressful divorce. I never felt like he was dragging things out for financial gain. Rather I found him very sympathetic to my financial situation. He has been very straight forward with all of his advice and help and I would consider him an excellent choice for an attorney for your divorce. -James T